Lease Drafting & Review

Lease Drafting & Review


A Well Drafted Lease Is Your First Line of Defense

The law firm of Ginn & Patrou, P.A., offers personalized and effective lease review and drafting services in Saint Augustine and surrounding counties. Our attention to detail and knowledge of real estate law can insulate you from litigation and give you peace of mind. This article specifically discusses lease drafting and review. For more information on landlord tenant disputes and evictions, please visit our Evictions and Landlord Tenant Disputes page.

 A definitive and well-drafted lease agreement is the first line of defense when issues arise between landlords and tenants. Our comprehensive lease agreements are drafted to accomplish the following goals:

(1)  Reduce the potential liability of the Landlord

(2)  Outline the specific responsibilities and duties of the tenant(s)

(3)  Adhere to federal and state laws governing leases and security deposits

(4)  Simplify the overall leasing and rental payment process

(5)  Provide the landlord with effective remedies when the tenant(s) violate the lease

We Understand the Rules Governing Leases

Having an experienced landlord tenant attorney draft your lease can save you from future liability. For example, pursuant to Florida law, there are several prohibited provisions in landlord tenant lease agreements. If you end up in court and your current lease agreement contains a prohibited provision, the judge could award the opposing party monetary damages pursuant to Florida Statute §83.47(2).

Under Florida Statute §83.47(1) a provision in a lease agreement is void and prohibited to the extent that it takes away any rights or duties of the tenant or landlord that are provided under Florida law. For example, a lease provision that read “the landlord shall have the right to withhold tenants security deposit for any reason” would most likely be held void because such a provision would take away the tenant’s right to their security deposit provided in Florida Statute §83.49.  At Ginn & Patrou, P.A., we understand the practical and legal ramifications of lease provisions and know how to protect you and your business.

We Negotiate On Your Behalf

A lease agreement in its most basic form is an agreement between two parties and is negotiable. In addition to drafting your lease, our landlord tenant lawyers can review your current lease and negotiate on your behalf before renewal. Our Saint Augustine attorneys understand Florida landlord tenant law and will use this knowledge to effectively negotiate on your behalf.

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A copy of Florida Statute §83 covering landlord tenant disputes can be found by clicking here.

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