Have Our Attorneys Perform Your Closing (At Title Company Prices!)

Have Our Attorneys Perform Your Closing (At Title Company Prices!)

July 14, 2015
Real Estate Law

Selling or Purchasing Property?

 Have an experienced real estate attorney provide title insurance and act as your closing agent at no additional cost when compared to average title company prices.

–       Rates for title insurance are set by Florida Statute and are uniform whether you choose to use an attorney or a non-attorney title company.

–       The purchase or sale property is usually the largest transaction a person will engage in during their lifetime and hiring an experienced real estate attorney to act as your closing agent adds another layer of protection.

–    Real estate transactions often involve complex legal questions which require the skills and expertise of a real estate attorney.

–    Our firm provides free title insurance quotes upon request.

Throughout Florida title insurance rates are set by statute are the same whether you choose to use a title company or an attorney as your closing agent. Due to the fact that the purchase or sale of a home is usually the largest transaction a person will engage in during their lifetime, and the fact that title insurance rates are the same for both attorneys and non-attorneys, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced St. Augustine real estate attorney when buying or selling a home.

Our Firm Has Experience Curing Complex Title Issues 

In a recent transaction, our firm was hired toward the end of closing due to a easement encumbrance being found late in the closing process, which was preventing the deal from closing (a multi-million dollar commercial deal). In this specific case, our soon to be client was using a non-attorney closing agent and was obligated to purchase the property even though an encumbrance was discovered. To complicate matters further, our client stood to lose tens of thousands of dollars if the defect was not cured within 30 days.

Fortunately, our firm was able to review the conservation easement and determine that the legal description was incorrect, and we were able to request and obtain a release from the appropriate governmental authority within the 30 days. However, our client did have to pay legal fees in addition to closing costs, because before hiring us our client had chosen a non-attorney closing agent.  We share this story to point out two things: first, and most importantly, as your Closing Agent we will do everything in our power to obtain clear title and close your transaction. Second, having an attorney already acting as your closing agent can save you significant legal fees. If we had been the closing agent on the transaction we would have provided these services as part of the closing and the parties wouldn’t have had to hire and pay for a real estate attorney in addition to paying closing costs.

Request That Ginn & Patrou, P.A. Act as the Closing Agent In Your Next Transaction

At Ginn & Patrou, P.A., we conduct real estate closings, provide title insurance, and guide our clients through the entire closing process. We are experienced with real estate closings and work hard to obtain clear title when title defects or encumbrances exist. All of our real estate closings are conducted by an attorney. In addition, you will find that our closing fee is usually less than that of a traditional title company.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation or title insurance quote by clicking here, we look forward to hearing from you!

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