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As real estate attorneys in St. Augustine, FL, we regularly assist sellers and buyers in every aspect of FSBO transactions. When you decide to sell your home without a realtor in St. Augustine, we know that the process can be very stressful and a lot of questions can arise, and we’re here to help. As local real estate lawyers, we strive to do everything we can to take the stress off of you and provide a streamlined FSBO transaction.

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FAQs About FSBOs in St. Augustine, FL

We absolutely recommend that you always have a written contract in place for an FSBO sale, and there are no exceptions to this rule. A written contract defines the sale terms between the buyer and seller, including the sale price, who pays closing costs, the date and place of closing, and other important factors.

A common contract we implement for clients is an “as is” contract approved by the Florida Bar and the Florida Realtors association. These contracts are written to address all of the issues that regularly come up in real estate sales and are a great resource.

However, even on standardized contracts, you should use an attorney to assist you in filling it out. The failure to fill out a standardized contract properly can result in thousands of dollars being lost for unforeseen things like closing costs or taxes and result in litigation.

In a real estate contract, the “inspection period” represents the period of time in which the buyer can inspect the property and decide whether to purchase it. Usually this period is 15 days or less, and during that time, the buyer can back out for any reason by giving written notice to the seller.

If the buyer properly terminates the contract during the inspection period, their deposit is returned to them. However, during the inspection process, the buyer is responsible for the costs of all inspections and for any costs involved in repairing any damage caused by the buyer during the inspection.

Normally in a real estate sale, the buyer pays for the following charges:

  • Appraisal fees
  • Loan expenses
  • Municipal lien search
  • Property-related insurance
  • HOA/condominium association transfer fees
  • Recording fees on any mortgages (.0035 x the loan amount)
  • The cost of the loan policy to insure title for the lender (usually $250-$300)
  • The cost of the survey (usually $350+, and much higher for large acreage)

Normally in a real estate sale, the seller pays for the following charges:

  • The cost of any realtor fees.
  • The cost of the title search (usually $125)
  • Any HOA/condominium association estoppel fees
  • The fee for the owner’s title policy, which is set by Florida statute based on the sale price, and is $5.75 per thousand up to $100,000, and then $5.00 per thousand thereafter.
  • Documentary stamps on the deed (.0070 x the purchase price)

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