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We know how stressful and overwhelming it can feel to plan for the future, but we also know how important it is to keep your family protected. When it’s time for estate planning, wills, and elder law, where will you turn?

As local estate planning lawyers, we strive to do everything we can to take the stress off of you and give you the confidence you need when planning for the future.

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How Can Our Estate Planning Lawyers in St. Augustine Help You?

… We frequently prepare wills and comprehensive estate plans for clients throughout Northeast Florida, including those in: St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Ponte Vedra, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Saint Johns County, Putnam County, Duval County, Volusia County.

Whether you need a complex trust or a simple will, our experienced estate planning attorneys understand Florida law and will effectively apply it to your specific situation.

Save Time and Money with Comprehensive Estate Planning in St. Augustine

Did you know that attorney fees for probate in Florida are set by statute and can exceed 3% of the value of your estate ($30,000 in fees on a $1,000,000 estate)?

For a fraction of that cost, we can prepare an estate plan tailored specifically to avoid the fees associated with formal probate. In addition to many expensive fees, formal probate means a description of your assets will become public record. A properly drafted estate plan that incorporates the use of a trust can help keep your assets from becoming public record.

Comprehensive Estate Planning with Our Team

We believe you and your family deserve peace of mind about the future, and our estate planning services are accessible at reasonable, flat-rate prices. In most cases, your estate planning lawyer will provide the following documents to you as part of your estate plan:

A revocable trust is sometimes referred to as a “guarantor trust,” which will contain the provisions that people typically think of being in a will (i.e. “I give my rental house to my grandson, Matthew”). Putting assets such as real property in a trust acts to transfer ownership of the asset while the grantor of the trust is still alive.

This way, after the grantor passes, there’s no change in title to the asset, or the asset passes under the provisions of the trust to the intended recipient but avoids the formal probate process. The use of a trust to avoid formal probate can save you 3% or more of the value of your estate due to the statutory probate fees. A revocable trust can be prepared for you by an estate planning lawyer at Ginn & Patrou, P.A.

A Florida pour-over will is a special type of will used in conjunction with a trust to direct the disposition of any assets that are not directly addressed within the language of the trust. The language of the pour-over will normally not directly refer to each asset, but rather direct that all assets that are not already in the trust are placed in the trust upon your death. A pour-over will can be prepared for you by a wills lawyer at Ginn & Patrou, P.A.
A Florida power of attorney is a document that designates a specific person to make financial and business decisions for you while you are alive, should you become incapacitated. For example, a Florida business owner could execute a Florida power of attorney to allow another individual to operate the business upon the business owner’s incapacity. Upon your death, the power of attorney will terminate and be of no further force or effect. A power of attorney can be prepared for you by an estate planning attorney at Ginn & Patrou, P.A.
When a person becomes unable to make decisions for themselves due to dementia or other mental illnesses, they’re considered incapacitated. A Florida designation of health care surrogate designates a certain individual to make healthcare decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. Your health care surrogate will be able to consent to medical and surgical treatments on your behalf, as well as make decisions relating to your hospitalization, treatment in a nursing home, and home health care. A designation of health care surrogate can be prepared for you by a wills attorney at Ginn & Patrou, P.A.
A Florida living will is a statement designating what kind of medical care you want or do not want if you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. In your living will, you’ll designate whether you wish to have life-prolonging care provided to you if you’re terminally ill, or if you’re in a persistent vegetative state. Further directives include whether you wish to be resuscitated from respiratory or cardiac arrest. A living will can be prepared for you by a probate attorney at Ginn & Patrou, P.A.

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