Automobile Accident

Automobile Accident

If You Were Hurt In An Automobile Accident We Can Help 

According to the National Transportation Safety Board there were approximately 2,313,000 auto accidents resulting in injuries and 21,132 resulting in fatalities in 2013 alone. We understand the impact an accident can have on an individual’s life and the repercussions suffered by the families of those injured. Whether you were hurt in a car wreck, motorcycle accident, or trucking accident, our Saint Augustine auto accident attorneys will review your case to determine whether you have a valid car accident claim in Saint Augustine, Saint Johns County, or surrounding areas.  

We Represent You, Not Powerful Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, most auto accident victims fail to recognize that their insurance company will do all in their power to minimize payouts. It is very common for insurance companies to make small settlement offers to victims of auto accidents before the extent of the victim’s injuries are even known.

Our attorneys will perform in depth research into the facts surrounding your accident, act quickly to preserve the crucial evidence, and present that evidence to the insurance company to insure you get the compensation you deserve. As auto accident attorneys in St. Augustine, it’s our job to help you stand up to these powerful insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve. 

We Understand the Complexities of Florida Auto Accident Law 

Florida automobile accident law is complex and difficult to navigate. There are numerous factors that can lead to an automobile accident, including speeding, driving while intoxicated, harsh weather conditions, and more recently, texting. Due to these factors, if you have been hurt in an automobile accident you need the help of a Saint Augustine auto accident attorney.

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As local St. Augustine and Jacksonville lawyers we care about our community and the citizens that help make St. Augustine and Northeast Florida such a great place to live. We recognize that our clients are putting their faith in us to do our very best when they choose our firm to represent them in their time of need for injuries resulting from an auto accident.  As Saint Augustine personal injury attorneys we do not take that responsibility lightly and fight to ensure that our client get the compensation they deserve.

If you are an accident victim it is very important that you contact a Saint Augustine auto accident attorney immediately after the accident. If you or a loved one has been injured from the negligent actions of another call the auto accident lawyers at Ginn & Patrou today at 904-932-0408 to schedule a free phone consultation or contact us online by clicking here.

Located in historic Saint Augustine and Jacksonville, Ginn & Patrou is able to serve clients throughout Northeast Florida including Palm Coast, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Saint Johns County, Putnam County, Duval County, and Volusia County. 

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